Quality Healthcare Staffing With Efficiency

Our company was created to provide professional, qualified, and dedicated healthcare staffing solutions to our clients, while ensuring our candidates receive the best opportunities to showcase their skills directly to employers. We have a deep understanding that in order to experience financial growth and profitability, healthcare facilities need the right team of competent, qualified, and compassionate healthcare staff.

Our mission

By providing qualified candidates to our clients, we will help their business gain increased productivity and growth, while saving them both time and money with an efficient hiring process. We are committed to our core values of fast hiring, flexibility, and reduced risk to our clients, while providing superior service and personalized attention.

Advantages of Working With Us

Because we are focused exclusively on healthcare staffing, we draw the highest quality healthcare candidates from across the country, and put them directly in front of clients who need the right employees to help them grow and develop their business. We take the stress, frustration, and hassle out of hiring for both our candidates and our clients, leading to a smooth staffing process and a seamless employment transition.

Thorough Screening Process

Every one of our candidates undergoes pre-screening interviews to provide peace of mind to our clients. Once a match is made, easy hiring can take place without extensive background checks, and our clients and candidates can begin their journey together as soon as possible.

Technology-Driven Healthcare Staffing Platform

Our team of founders has the experience and education to understand the importance of technology to meet current healthcare staffing demands. We are experienced and skilled in Healthcare Management Technology, Computer Science, and Human Resources, and we use our inherent talents to provide fast hiring with advanced search technology and modern intuitive features.

Our Education and Background

The first and second founders both hold two degrees: a Bsc. in Engineering and a Bsc. in Healthcare Information Management. The third founder holds a BSc. in Computer Science and MS in Leadership and Organization Strategy. These skills come together to complement all facets of our business, allowing us to create innovative solutions that meet the needs of our clients and candidates.

24/7 Support

Urgent staffing needs won’t wait, and that’s why we are committed to providing 24/7 access to our database as needed. Contact us any time of day or night by email or chat for swift responses to your healthcare staffing questions.

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